Why so many arenas?

Dear Editor,

I was driving across Portimão’s old bridge recently when a thought crossed my mind.

What’s the point in having two considerably big arenas in Portimão and Parchal, not even a couple of kilometers away from each other?

It’s been widely reported that the Centro de Congressos do Arade (Parchal) has struggled to establish itself as a successful investment.

It’s no wonder, as neither Portimão nor Lagoa have many events going on apart from the summer season.

So what’s the logic behind having two similar infrastructures so close to each other?

It is this kind of flawed planning that has led to many of the issues that affect Portugal, and more specifically the Algarve.

The money that was spent building these two arenas, when one would have sufficed, could have been channeled into something else.

P. Seymour
Portimão area