Why should you choose Algarve for your long-term rental home

Algarve: the perfect location for your long-term rental home

Having an impressive 300 days of sunshine per year, the Algarve region has always been one of the most desired hotspots for spending vacation for a couple of days, weeks, months and sometimes a vacation can turn into a lifetime.

Wherever one might decide to reside for a certain period of time, it’s always challenging to find the right room, apartment or villa. Portugal is no exception. Finding a long term rental home in Algarve can be quite an exciting journey and the benefits of living there are many to count.

Lifestyle in Portugal/Algarve

Generally speaking, living in Portugal has its charm. The quality of life is one of the best in Europe. It’s the third safest country on the continent. According to a survey, 93% of the people are satisfied with their life in Portugal and according to the data, it is one of the easiest places where one can settle. 89% say they are also generally happy with their life, and the work-life balance is greatly helped by the kindness of the people, pleasantness of the weather, the fertile soil, bountiful cuisine and great-quality wines. The Portuguese people are famous for their hospitality, warm-heartedness and kindness.

Algarve features almost always sunny, bright weather all year long and that does miracles for one’s physical and mental health. There are many perplexing sites to see, beautiful landscapes to admire and some overall sense of serenity to soothe the soul. For sports fans, there’s also great soccer all over Portugal!


Long term rentals in Algarve

Long term rental home in Algarve is a chance to have a high-quality life in one of the world’s most astounding countries. Long term rentals are available for lease from 6 months or more in every part of the year.

The majority of them are advertised through Facebook groups or classifieds websites, so one can find out more about these types of homes within seconds. Most properties usually come furnished, which can be an issue if you’re planning on bringing your own furniture, but that’s something open for further discussion with the realtor.

Accommodation in Algarve varies from season to season, but there is always something suitable to find for everyone. One of the many breathtaking resorts in the magnificent south, nestled close to the Atlantic Ocean, is the world-famous Wine Farm in Estômbar.

Why Quinta dos Vales?

This award-winning resort offers long-term rentals that are ideal for all ages – especially for post-retirement or digital nomads. The rolling hills of vines, the pleasant climate, fresh breeze from the Atlantic, affordable accommodation prices and the proximity to all the city’s hotspots are what make this resort just perfect for a long term rental in Algarve.

The holiday homes within the resort are ideal for enjoying some peace and quiet away from the city’s crowds and non-stop noise, but on the other hand, all the city’s conveniences are within a few miles’ reach.


The Vines at Quinta dos Vales

Nestled in the heart of the vineyard are The Vines. These long term rentals incorporate 32 villas, fantastically placed to offer serenity and privacy, but, at the same time, modernly equipped so that their guests have all the day-to-day things that they usually need. These stand-alone houses are designed in such a way that they remind of the rustic old-town charm, combined with a modern, fresh look. Not to mention, they are built in a way that it blends with the surrounding, with their contemporary yet organic presence.

The villas are designed in such ways that their guests will get the being-on-holiday feeling all the time, mixed with the home-brewed charm. These villas have a big living room, a bedroom, an open plan kitchen, a bathroom with a shower and a private terrace for relaxing and enjoying a glass of premium wine.

What’s also incredible about these villas is the view. The terrace overlooks the magical myriads of olive trees, and long lines of beautifully entangled vines, offering the most mesmerising scenery.


More renting and buying options in this Wine Estate

If one decides to buy a villa or an apartment in the always-sunny South of Portugal, they won’t be obliged to stay here. In fact, when buying a piece of land on the this property, one has the complete freedom to rent it anytime they want. The property itself has its own rental team that can take care of all the renting operations.

Premium wine to enrich the lifestyle experience

This Wine producer offers a premium selection of wines, among which: Pegos Claros, Reserva Castelão 2014, Marquês dos Vales Grace Vineyard Tinto, Santa Teresa d’Ávila Homenagem Reserva, Grande Escolha 2015, Grace Vineyard 2014, 2015 Marques dos Vales Grande Escolha Algarve, 14% Vol, and many more.

Not so long ago, the owners of the Quinta announced that they will sell some of the vineyard lands and that private individuals will have the possibility to purchase them! Thus they will own a part of the vineyard and have the possibility to make their own wine.

To find out more about the accommodation plans of Quinta Dos Vales, discover more on their official website.