Why criticise Portimão’s Ferris wheel?

Dear Editor,

What’s with all the commotion regarding Portimão’s new Ferris wheel?

As I see it, the wheel is a great idea – if, of course, it is true that the council isn’t spending one penny on it.

I live in Portimão and know how badly the town needs tourists, as most of them prefer spending their time and money in Praia da Rocha and Alvor.

I have no doubt that there will be long lines of people who will want to ride the Ferris wheel. How can that be bad? People will certainly spend their money not only on the ride, but also at local restaurants, cafés, bars and stores.

Unfortunately, it seems like people in Portimão often try to find the negative in everything instead of praising local leaders when they actually do something right. And believe me; I’m far from a supporter of the current administration!

João Nunes