Why bother with SEPNA?

Dear Editor,

It was interesting to read the small paragraph on the last page of the edition of February 2, 2016 about SEPNA.

My neighbour and I have been trying to ‘rescue’ a male dog which arrived at its present location 15 months ago as a small puppy. It has been ignored ever since: not allowed in the home (apartment on 2nd floor), has been left in a ‘well-like’ walled enclosure, 6mx4m and has nothing to see or do all day, every day. The owner feeds it and that is the sole human contact it has.

We contacted the Câmara vet, visited the GNR and emailed SEPNA. All of this elicited a visit by a member of SEPNA who, after visiting the owner, could see nothing wrong with the way the dog was treated.

So why bother? We call this treatment mental cruelty; he is not beaten but deserves to have some affection, some exercise, some human contact and get some road sense. Surely he should be ‘rescued’?

Elizabeth Young
São Brás de Alportel