White House invites German School of Lisbon students

news: White House invites German School of Lisbon students

THE GERMAN School of Lisbon enjoys a high reputation for its excellent academic and intercultural extra-curricular activities. Invited by US President, George W. Bush himself, selected students from the German School of Lisbon have been asked to participate in the renowned 12-day, Global Young Leaders Conference (GYLC), in June this year.

The students had repeatedly proven their diplomatic and debating skills in various recognised model parliaments, such as the Model European Parliament in the Netherlands, the United Youth World Council in Oxford and the UN simulations in Stuttgart and Athens.

Based on their successful appearance as young diplomats, their participation at the GYLC was specifically recommended. The week’s full schedule of negotiations and international resolution-finding is designed to motivate and promote young students to reach their full potential as positive and balanced leaders of tomorrow. Tolerance can be achieved through intercultural interaction and understanding.

Excellent education facilitates understanding

The unaffiliated organisers, namely the Congressional Youth Leadership Council, confirms that what the world needs most is responsible and sustainable leadership. In his invitation letter, President Bush accentuated this confirmation by underscoring the importance of excellent education. “The German School of Lisbon is proud to accompany the future leaders of politics, economics and social issues, through probably their most decisive stage of life,” Dr. Angelika Fuchs, the school’s principal, said.

The conference participants, who come from more than 100 countries, demonstrate high degrees of social concern, individual motivation and need for achievement. By means of negotiations and intensive research work, the students develop concrete resolutions in the English language, which are then presented before a multinational congregation. Finding solutions for worldwide problems, such as drug trafficking, global warming, nuclear power, and terrorism, are the conference’s priority.

Learning from and with

the experts

The conference is a platform for intercultural exchange, during which students learn directly from experts in the areas of politics, journalism, finance and international diplomacy. The list of speakers is impressive. Representatives and directors from numerous businesses (Dow Jones International, Starbucks), politics (UN: Kofi Annan, US Foreign Secretary) and relief organisations (Red Cross, Amnesty International) will elaborate on topics of international law and diplomacy, peace work and issues of safety, as well as finance and the role of the United Nations.

• To find out more about the Global Young Leaders Conference, visit www.gylc.org