Dr Pereira in the company of her lawyer this morning
Dr Pereira in the company of her lawyer this morning

Whistleblowing doctor faces panel investigating alleged botched surgeries at Faro Hospital 

Diana Pereira says she hopes team “listen well” to what she has to say

The young surgical intern whose allegations of botched surgeries sparked a new crisis at Faro Hospital last week is being questioned today by hospital bosses leading an internal inquiry.

Diana Pereira arrived at the health unit today, in the company of her lawyer, stopping only briefly to answer journalists questions.

She said she hopes those responsible for getting to the truth “listen well” to what she has to say.

This comes after the young doctor described how she was branded “insane” due to her position on the quality of medical care extended to 11 patients, three of whom are understood to have died. 

In an explosive post over social media, Dr Pereira referred to catastrophic consequences suffered by the surviving patients, including  “accidental castration”.

As reports explain this morning, as well as this internal inquiry taking place at CHUA (Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Algarve), there are other inquiries into the allegations made by the doctor – one opened by the general medical council, another by ERS, the health service regulatory body. There is also an investigation opened by the public prosecutor’s office.

Dr Pereira meantime has been suspended from her functions at the hospital – and faced with an action for defamation, moved by the surgeon and surgical boss she denounced.

The surgeon meantime has taken leave of absence from the hospital himself, citing “pressure and stress”, it was revealed on Friday.

Today, as she entered Faro Hospital, Dr Pereira intimated that too she will be suing both surgeons, for defamation and harassment at work.

Dr Pereira’s allegations went ‘viral’ shortly after she put them online, with a number of commentaries coming from apparent members of the health profession, suggesting they too have had issues with the hospital hierarchy.

According to the local Portuguese press, Diana Pereira’s stand was being viewed by many as an “act of courage, unprecedented in Portugal”.

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