Where your money went

LAST YEAR, the Friends of São Brás association donated 13,000 euros to the new radiotherapy unit at Faro Hospital, 3,700 euros to the Bombeiros, and provided 730 euros worth of equipment to needy families.

At the annual general meeting of the association, the committee voted to continue their support for the unit and the Bombeiros, and to liaise with São Brás Câmara to help the poor of the area. They also voted to provide financial assistance to São Brás Health Centre, which was struggling to find funds for essential equipment.

While São Brás Câmara was making arrangements to re-open the monthly car boot sale, which the Friends had been running for over 10 years, it was decided to open a stall at the weekly São Brás market, initially once a month, until the boot sale resumed.

The Friends of São Brás will also mark their recent affiliation with the Friends of the São Brás Museum by providing refreshments at the monthly opera evenings at the museum. The next evening will feature Rigoletto at 6.30pm on Sunday, February 26. To know more about the museum and its programme of events, call Lynne Booker on 281 971 567 or e-mail [email protected]