Dunas Douradas – where golden land meets the endless ocean

At the edge of the world

Have you ever dreamed of waking up to a smooth sound of waves, step on the sunlit private terrace and see the endless, glittering ocean? Have you ever felt your sense sharpen as you stand on the edge of the Earth caressed by a salty breeze, getting goose bumps as you realise that the sun-kissed, floating lines of a golden beach in front separate you from the miles and miles of the mysterious bottomless ocean?

This dream becomes a luxurious reality in the absolute serenity of Dunas Douradas Beach Club, on the edge of Europe. Nestled in the exclusive beachfront area of the Algarve’s Golden Triangle, between the world-famous golf resorts of Quinta do Lago and Vilamoura, the upscale resort captures the majestic beauty of the vast ocean and breathtaking, endless golden sands combined with a superior service and modern comfort.

The five-star, award-winning resort offers a range of exclusive beachfront villas and apartments that boast breathtaking views over the ocean and the seamless Atlantic coastline. In this unique part of the world spring begins in January, when almond blossoms cover the hills in a white-pink veil. And nowhere else in Europe is the summer so long and dry and the autumn so comfortably mild. The paradise of Algarve’s Golden Triangle has thus always been one of the top destinations for romantic getaways as well as family holidays.

Guests of Dunas Douradas enjoy the privilege of exclusivity and leisure throughout a year, with every family member indulged in comfort and harmony of body and soul, capturing unforgettable memories brought by a salty breeze, on the edge of the world, where dreams come true.

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Text Mariana Berezovska

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