Where givers gain in business

By DAISY SAMPSON [email protected]

A new business network initiative in the Algarve has been set up with the primary aim of promoting a proactive response by members to ultimately lead to increased revenue for the businesses that are members.

The Givers Gain Business Network has been set up by Kenneth Grondijs and Bruce Hosie after the pair noticed that there was a lack of revenue-focused business networks in the Algarve.

Kenneth Grondijs told the Algarve Resident: “We can all do much more business in the Algarve together if we think smarter.” He added: “The key to Givers Gain is that all members have to be proactive and work for the other members of the group. This could be by bringing details of a referral of business or a guest to the meetings who would be likely to become a member.”

And Kenneth Grondijs is leading by example in the network: “I was driving past a car dealership last week and it reminded me of the services offered by one of our members.  I went into the dealership and explained that I know a company that they could work with, got their details and will now pass this on to the other business member, hopefully leading to new revenue opportunities.”

The concept of the Givers Gain Business Network is to have groups across the Algarve in different locations, with members providing a sales presentation to the group which would then allow the members to be able to sell this product as well as their own.

Kenneth Grondijs and Bruce Hosie, the founders of the Givers Gain Business Network.
Kenneth Grondijs and Bruce Hosie, the founders of the Givers Gain Business Network.

“We ask people to present their Unique Selling Points to the group and then we all effectively become a sales team for that product. Passing on the information to our own contacts and constantly creating new leads,” said Kenneth Grondijs.

The founders believe that word of mouth referrals are key to increasing business and that the Givers Gain groups will harness their importance.

“There are already groups set up in Ferragudo/Lagoa, Lagos, Tavira and Almancil and by the end of the year we are hoping to have 10 groups working actively in the Algarve. If each group has 25 members and each member has 20 contacts then the network across the Algarve will have a volume of 5,000 contacts,” said Kenneth Grondijs.

Each group can have as many different professions as is desired, but key to the group is having only one member of each professional to “lock out competition” within each group. “If more than one profession wants to be part of the network then they need to join another group in another area. By keeping only one profession per group we are eliminating the competition and helping to promote just one company to clients,” said Kenneth Grondijs.

For further information about the Givers Gain Business Network, please call 937 835 814 or 932 650 496 or alternatively email [email protected] or visit