When the sky is the limit

A long-lasting partnership

Ricardo Gosling is a Portuguese born with English descent who crossed paths with Boris Kondratiev in one of the leading food chains in London, where they worked together for many years. Both food lovers and businessmen, with the dream of settling in the Algarve, the partners have joined forces and made Casa do Prego a must-go with locals and tourists.

One being completely invested public relations and team leading, and the other playing a fundamental role on creation and conception, as well as on new sources of investment and expansion of the project, Ricardo and Boris are two pieces of the puzzle that fit perfectly together.

In 2015, Ricardo opened a small restaurant based on Portuguese contemporary food, looking to bring tradition and Mediterranean flavours to these modern days. Later, in 2017, Boris left London with his wife and his two little girls, and headed to Lagos, surprising Ricardo with the very strong intention of settling in the Algarve town, making the leap into a much bigger location and a new chapter of partnership, success, hard work and achievements.

Those who have made it to Casa do Prego know exactly what to expect: a whole aura of wildness and boldness, dynamism and hospitality to which no one can stay indifferent to. Laughing loudly, wearing caps and casual sweaters and intimidating everyone with their intelligent jokes, this is exactly what you can expect from this pair.

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[email protected] | www.casadoprego.com

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