When the answer could be in the hands of us all

Constantino Jordan, local entrepreneur, was the speaker at a recent British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce.

The meeting held at Browns Sports and Social Club in Vilamoura attracted more than 40 members and Constantino Jordan spoke eloquently and with passion about needing to ensure that we all think positively, particularly when times are difficult.  

“We should only concentrate on the positive things,” he said “as we can affect these; the negatives things will still be there without us thinking of them.”

Of particular importance to the future of the Algarve, Constantino Jordan shared his thought of anyone and everyone living in the Algarve being able to spread the good word about living and working here in the south of Portugal.

With three million visitors each year, there is already a nucleus of people who have an interest in Portugal. When they arrive they will see the wonderful lifestyle which we all enjoy, the space, the weather and the nice people.

Many visitors will be ready to move to another country as they are already retired. Others could easily move here and still continue to work with the amazing communication system which we all enjoy through internet, Skype etc.

So what is stopping these people from coming to the Algarve and swelling our numbers? Just 1% of visitors becoming residents could result in 10,000 homes being occupied, cars being purchased, supermarket trolleys being filled, some expansion in school places being occupied and other much-needed and readily available services and products utilised and purchased.

What better way to stimulate the economy?

If the politicians in various guises cannot achieve this, then it is up to us – and we all have the ability and capability.  We (all) have computers and all the associated social networking systems – we should be using these to post the good news about living in southern Portugal. We should share our experiences and encourage others to move here, join us and live and work in this great country. There is plenty of room and many properties crying out for new owners.

Posting photographs and commentary by us all could make such a difference. If we do not do it then it is unlikely that anyone else will.

Constantino Jordan was thanked by Suzi Steinhofel (Design Works) and Janet Tartaglia (Ibex Insurances) for his positive and informative talk.

Sheena Rawcliffe, Director of the BPCC and MD of The Resident Group, stated that she is one of the few people in the developed world who does not have a Facebook page – but promised to rectify this (watch this space).

Sheena also spoke of this year’s plans of the BPCC (Southern Area) to bring a new tranche of business motivational sessions which will involve sharing experiences and hopes for the future.

Chris Barton, CEO of the BPCC, made mention of the new BPCC app available for the iPhone and encouraged all members to quickly download this from iTunes (the app is free for all members).

The next BPCC event will be held at lunchtime on March 28 at Boavista Golf when Dra. Cláudia Vaz Póvoa from Neville de Rougemont will make a presentation entitled The Employment Reform – New Challenges of a Global Market (read her article on page 21).

To book your place, please contact Gustavo Lima, Southern Representative for the BPCC, on (351) 964 343 173 or email [email protected]

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