Wheat and bread festival

A Festa do Trigo e do Pão (wheat and bread festival) is being held in Montes Novos, located in Salir council, on Sunday.

The event will show visitors the importance of wheat cutting and threshing, activities that provided economic support to the people of Serra do Caldeirão and particularly in the area of ​​Montes Novos, and in neighbouring Baixo Alentejo.

Organisers have prepared a walking tour where participants will be able to see the harvest, watch a harvesting machine in action and see the baking of bread in a wood oven.

There will also be art exhibitions and a display of local traditional products such as aguardente de medronho (arbutus brandy), honey and sausages.

The Grupo de Cantares de Cachopo will be on hand, performing the traditional sounds of the Northeast of the Algarve, the Grupo Etnográfico da Serra do Caldeirão – Cortelha will perform dances and songs and accordionist Gonçalo Tardão Gonçalo will play at a traditional ball as was formerly celebrated during the wheat harvest season.

For more information, please email [email protected].