What's the Best Way to Ship Pallets to Portugal?

What’s the Best Way to Ship Pallets to Portugal?

Located in the extreme west of Europe, there are two primary routes for sending pallets to Portugal. The first is via France and the second is via northern Spain.

Each has its merits and drawbacks. As such, some British exportation firms that are unused to making pallet deliveries to the Iberian peninsula think that air freighting their goods directly will make the most sense. This is rarely the case for palletised freight, however. The bulk and weight of sending a pallet to Portugal mean that it can be prohibitively expensive. Air freight should only be considered for documents or luxury goods and, even so, an express delivery service over land can still be preferable.

Sending a pallet to Portugal soon? If so, read our handy guide.

  • Consignment Preparation

To send a pallet to Portugal or anywhere in the European Union these days, you will need an Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number (EORI) as well as the EU equivalent. Registering takes some know-how so use a professional freight forwarding firm unless you already have experience in international logistics. Ensure your palletised consignment has been given the correct commodity coding prior to its transit so it isn’t held up by customs officials at the border.

  • Route Selection

Roll-on roll-off ferries are ideal for palletised goods because they can accommodate both vans and lorries. Typically, express services will be sent via northern France and make their way south to the western Pyrenees via Bayonne on the A63. This route gives the best access to Portugal through Spain via the E80.

That said, a pallet to Portugal can also be despatched from the south of the UK, thereby bypassing France and making landfall at either Bilbao or Santander. This route is certainly worth considering if your business is in the west or south of England with services from Portsmouth and Plymouth on offer. Drivers will also be able to take their mandatory break if this route is chosen.

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