What YOU are saying about the A22 tolls – 9


Here is a selection of what YOU are saying about the introduction of tolls on the A22. Email us at [email protected].

CAUSE CHAOS:I cannot understand why the Portuguese Government wants to have Tolls on the A22 other than the fact that Europe paid for the motorway. Tolls will cause chaos and accidents on the EN125 and will mean that visitors from abroad (especially Spain) will think twice before visiting Portugal. SARAH TWIST

CAR PARK: The EN125 in the East Algarve is already crumbling away, especially through Altura and the turn off to Castro Marim. If it deteriorates any further due to increased traffic in the winter it will become almost impassable. In the summer it is already bumper to bumper, so would probably become a long car park! That would probably kill off the already dwindling tourist trade the region so desperately relies on.  P.R.J. COLEMAN

SIGN IT: I am surprised to see that, at the time of writing, the petition against tolls on the A22 has still not reached the 10,000 signatures required – only 9,184. I am sure most of your readers are opposed to the tolls. I have only limited Portuguese but found it very easy. I would urge others to sign it too. NORMAN WALKER