What YOU are saying about the A22 tolls – 4


Here is a selection of what YOU are saying about the introduction of tolls on the A22. Email us at [email protected].

LACKS UNDERSTANDING: This decision lacks so much understanding from our rulers. The 125 was the only main road we had for so many years, when tourism was at its booming point, which created so much frustration and accidents.

Our politicians completely ignored the situation for so many years- it was so embarrassing to see long queues from Faro to Lagos, especially in the high season. Most people understand that in the high season the Algarve gets a constant influx of over one million people, which obviously would be disastrous and chaotic  if the A22 did not exist.Yes, I will say NO  to this nonsense – NO TOLL. JOSE GUERREIRO

N125 OVERLOAD! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what will happen if tolls are added to the A22. It is all very well the government looking at traffic stats for any given period and rubbing their hands with glee, but the expected revenue is most likely based on free access. Impose tolls on the A22 and local drivers on a tight budget, as many are, will avoid the road as there are many free of charge ‘N’ road options open to them to move around the area.  This will push greater traffic flow onto smaller roads and cause more accidents.

To avoid A22 tolls, trucking companies will most likely switch their vehicles from the A22 to the N125 for ‘Toll Free’ East/West movement. This is a very real possibility because, as we already know, many trucks use the ICI for North/South trips in preference to the A2 to avoid such tolls. Currently they use an IC1/A22 combination but it’s only a matter of a kilometre, between junctions, for them to switch to using an IC1/N125 combination instead. There is no way local Algarve trucking companies will pay the extra toll costs so they will surely switch to the N125. So much strain will be put on the N125 that it will soon regain its reputation as one of the worst accident black spots in Europe. End result?

The A22 will most likely become a ghost road frequented only by unsuspecting visitors passing through. Toll revenue will be disappointing to say the least. The N125 will become a strangled mess and accident black zone along its length. Algarve A&E wards will have their hands full!. Who in Lisbon will put their name forward and justify this course of action? J. McLAUCHLAN