What YOU are saying about the A22 tolls – 3


Here is a selection of what YOU are saying about the introduction of tolls on the A22. To have your say, please email us at [email protected].

ACTUAL COSTS: Would someone who is in favour of the tolls please specify the actual costs involved in setting up a means of collecting tolls. Also the expected revenue from the tolls, and the expected payback period. These figures need to include the cost of borrowing the money to set up the toll collecting in the first place. STUART BROWN

PAYING AGAIN: As you requested, we are putting pen to paper to voice our opposition to the introduction of tolls on the A22. The EEC provided the money for this road to be built. As European members & visitors to the Algarve, are we now expected to pay AGAIN to use this road? The alternative – the N125, is a death trap. Is the Portugese Government willing to have blood on their hands? A. & S. MATHEW

GOING ELSEWHERE: To me, the A22 doesn’t carry sufficient traffic over a great deal of its length to even justify the cost of introducing tolls. It’s one thing for a decision to be made; but what is the cost of implementation, what will the ongoing costs be, and what is the expected annual income? I accept the A22 makes travelling along the Algarve simple, quick, and easy but that doesn’t justify pricing people onto the EN125, which is what will happen! Iremember the Algarve before the motorway was built, and I dread the return of chaos around major towns which will occur once charges are introduced – and there will be chaos, of that there can be no doubt. JOHN MCGLASHAN