What YOU are saying about the A22 tolls

Here is a selection of what YOU are saying about the introduction of tolls on the A22. To have your say, please email us at [email protected].

NOT AN OPTION: I already pay a third of my salary on fuel getting to work and back. Paying tolls is not an option. Good Luck with the campaign. Thanks. RHONA DOUGLAS

I WON’T USE A22: I wholeheartedly agree with your poll to say no to these tolls as it will be the death of that road. I certainly won’t use it if they bring them in. Regards. K SIMKINS

TOURISTS WILL GO ELSEWHERE: Already the Algarve is suffering from a drop in British tourists, who I understand have represented 60% of visitors. Already there are huge numbers of British golfers going to Turkey, where the hotels do all inclusive, which is what today’s golfer wants. Because, at the moment ,it is not just the golf prices that are keeping people away but restaurant and drink costs as well. Now you want to charge for the roads. Well. this will be one more reason for the tourist to go somewhere else. Under the present policies I would forecast that for the next five years at least there will be no return of British tourists to the Algarve. Portugal and the Algarve have to come to terms with the financial problems that are affecting the British and the Irish people. So No To Tolls. ROGER KIDD

STUPID DECISION: This has to be one of the most unpopular decisions the government can make. The introduction of tolls on the A22 will cause untold problems both for locals and tourists alike. I would not be at all surprised if tolls are introduced on this road, tourism will dramatically drop and this will affect the local community very badly, not to mention the possible rise in the accident and death rate that this stupid decision will cause. Cumprimentos. MIGUEL J JENNINGS

MORE MADNESS: More madness from our rubbish government. Is there a hidden agenda here? Do Socrates and his cronies realise that this could be the final cut of the knife for the Eastern and Western Algarve? How long would it take to recoup the infrastructure costs for the Toll booths and approaches? Personally I recommend a massive demonstration by blocking the A22. IAN FINDLEY

THE ALGARVE RESIDENT SAYS: A protest against the proposed tolls on the A22 is to take place on Friday, October 8, along the EN125 between 5pm and 7pm. The buzinão, a protest involving the slow driving of cars while using their horns, has been organised by the Commissaõ de Utentes da A22, with the focus of the demonstration planned to take place on the EN125 between Boliqueime and Alcantarilha in the central Algarve.

START A PETITION: We holiday in the Algarve every year and back your campaign for no tolls. Why not start an online petition? Perhaps using Facebook? KAREN MCDONALD, Glasgow

The Algarve Resident says: There is already a petition available – if you would like to sign it, please visit http://viadoinfante2010.blogspot.com (only available in Portuguese). Or you can  visit The Resident Group stand at the BLiP exhibition at the ExpoArade centre on Portimão on October 16 and 17 and a member of our team will guide you through the process online. Please remember that to sign the petition you need to provide an Identity Card or passport number.

FOOLISH TOLLS: As a regular visitor and home owner in the Algarve for the past 25 years, l have seen a vast move from the old dust roads and the dreadful 125 road of the past. Then donkeys, motor cycles with up to three at times straddling the thing, and pedestrians walking in the road as there were no pavements in those days, were regular sights. So, with the advent of the motorway’s birth from Faro to Albufeira (in those days and now on to Lagos and beyond, it was a master stroke in strategy to off load the pressures and fatalities on the 125.

l sympathise and agree that tolls would be foolish at this time, as the general thinking is correct – we don’t want a return of those dreadful times, as any  bright thinking person can visualise.

It is with hope that the opposition can  make the government officials see sense and postpone the decision, at least until there is a alternative choice for the Algarve people and tourists. As a final comment, l returned to the UK a few days ago, and was amazed at the cracked repairs on the motorway stretching quite a few  kilometres from the Albufeira junction. So, before tolls are considered, perhaps an overhaul of the surfaces seems a more pressing option. Many thanks – love the paper. KEN FRANCIS