What YOU are saying about the a22 tolls – 16


WHAT’S HAPPENING?: Does anyone know what the latest proposals and proposed start date is – I keep hearing of April but see no signs of any toll booths or arrangements for so-called feepaying at the post-office or service stations/garages. RICHARD MCKENZIE

The editor replies: The Algarve Resident has been carrying updates for some time now on the situation. The start date was postponned until after the general election on June 5. See http://www.algarveresident.com/story.asp?ID=41120.

MORE PRESSURE: We own a property in Portugal and disagree with the toll road. How will tourists pay? The Euro is so strong against the pound that this will put even more pressure on the tourists who are already thinking of holidaying at home. NIAMH FINEGAN FARRELL

LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE As a new resident to Tavira in the eastern Algarve, I also wish to register my protest against the Portugese Government’s inept decision to convert the EU funded A22 into a toll-road. It looks to me as simply another way to rip off residents of the algarve, tourists from abroad and to increase the already exorbitant cost of motoring in this beautiful part of Portugal.

I dont mind úsing tollroads when there is a clear choice that can be made by the road user. Sadly, the single track N125 does not constitute choice.

When working in northern Spain last year, I used the Spanish toll roads for speed as there was always the option of using a non – toll road nearby.

The decision to proceed to convert the A22 will probably result in an increase in unnecessary and needless deaths of innocents on the N125. Shame

on the Portugese Government showing how much it really cares for its people. I also cannot applaud the actions of the arsonists who quite succinctly expressed their feelings on this matter last Monday even if I sympathise with their point of view – the goverment should listen to the people” JOHN BUYAN