What YOU are saying about the A22 tolls – 14


Here is a selection of what YOU are saying about the introduction of tolls on the A22. Email us at

COMPLICATED SYSTEM: I wish to add my name to any petition against the introduction of tolls on the A22. I visit the Algarve at least six times a year and I always hire a car. At present none of the hire car companies have a clue what is going to happen or how it is going to be managed.

I cannot imagine how British visitors such as me are going to manage such a complicated system. I love the Algarve and will find a way to understand and manage the system, but visitors less familiar to the Algarve who are told nothing about it in advance will find it hard and off putting and they will get fined and will not return to the Algarve. They will take the wrong message back to the UK or other European countries.

Unfortunately, I think this way of managing the tolls will impact heavily on tourism. I also feel extremely sorry for all the people who live close to the EN 125 as the quality of their lives will be badly affected. I for one will use this road more than I do at present simply because it will be easier. I do not really object to tolls as times are hard for every country and money needs to be raised.

However, morally most of the A22 was paid for by EU money so there is no justification. I have used the tolls on the Lisboa road, but it is easy – just pay at the booth – coin and card operated booths could be introduced. If tolls are to be introduced it must be made easy for the visitor and user. CAROL STAGG

REFUSE TO PAY?: If everyone refuses to use the road or pay for using the road….. what would happen? JULIE COULSON