What YOU are saying about the A22 tolls – 13


Here is a selection of what YOU are saying about the introduction of tolls on the A22. Email us at

BRAIN DEAD: Having been in the Algarve for 22 years, and loved the climate and the people, I now find that an idiotic government in Lisboa is about to scupper everyone’s business by imposing tolls on the A22- the road built with EEC money. We need tourists for our businesses- without them we have nothing in the Algarve. I really feel this government must be totally brain dead when operating a sensible economy- where everyone can prosper. RON JACK

WHO PAID? The cost (€10) to use the A22. WOW. The fees will be added to any goods etc. being transported, exported/ imported to Portugal and will add hardship to companies, farmers and will cause inflation. Can Portugal, at this time, afford to discourage this type of trade, not to mention the tourists? The most expensive tollway in Sydney is AUS $4.50 and motorist avoid these tollways, causing congestion on the minor roads. And who paid for the A22 to be built?. PAULINE ROBINSON, SYDNEY

MONETARY GAIN?: PS and PSD teamed up against the suspension of tolls on the A22 (Algarve Resident, January 21 edition).

This being the case, (i.e. the imposition of tolls), let’s look at the prospective monetary gain and possibly how we can calculate the ‘net benefit’ in terms of revenue:

1). Has a survey been conducted which identifies the number (and type) of vehicles which currently use the A22? (required to estimate the potential income).

2). Has a factorial been ascribed to what the percentage drop may be in A22 usage if tolls are applied from the survey conducted in 1.

3). Has the method of collection been decided? (i.e. tool booths, or something more technical, e.g. some kind of electronic system?)

4). What is the cost for item 2) in terms of acquisition of land and associated cost to build toll booths, or alternatively acquire the appropriate technology to charge electronically.

5). If toll booths are installed at every entrance/exit to the motorway and have to be manned 24/7, how many individuals need to be recruited and what is the salary cost associated with this?

6). How many bureaucrats will be required to manage the staff identified in 5).

7). As there will be heavier use of the EN125, and as a consequence more serious accidents and fatalities, has an estimated cost been factored in for each accident /fatality? (e.g. police investigation cost, medical cost, financial loss).

I am for the purposes of simplicity leaving aside items such as the decrease in the number of visitors from Spain, damage to a vital economy etc, so what are we left with?

a). No projection of the number of users of the A22 should tolls be involved

b). No notion of how tolls will be collected

c). No estimate of the cost to apply the method by which tolls are collected, e.g. acquisition of land, build cost, or alternative technology. (capital cost)

d). No figure for the number of toll booth staff required (ongoing operational cost)

e). No figure for the cost of bureaucratic administration (ongoing operational cost)

f). No figure for the cost of dealing with the increased incidents of a serious nature on the EN125.

Finally, and probably of greatest importance, putting aside the financial cost of increased accidents on the EN125, how can you justify moving people from a safer road like the A22, to a dangerous road like the EN125 and the potential for a ‘cost’ in human tragedy and misery, for a perceived monetary gain?