What to look for in autumn

An Algarve wildlife talk entitled ‘What to look for in autumn’ will be held on September 17 in the Municipal Library of Tavira.

From 6pm, Clive Viney, a devoted bird watcher and author of international repute, and the Algarve History Association, invites all interested in the subject to attend.

Since retiring from Hong Kong, Clive has devoted much of his time to the study of the birds in the Algarve, and also to the knowledge of the natural history of the region.

In the third of his four talks on Algarve wildlife, Clive discusses what to look for in the Algarve autumn.

He covers the autumn harvest, flowers, mammals, reptiles, butterflies and insects as well as his major interest, the birds of the Algarve.

Clive also covers the frosts and the outcome of the bush fires that seriously damaged this area of the Algarve in late July.

For more information, please contact [email protected].