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What to expect from Covid-19 this winter? 

Seven (official) answers “to understand where we are in the pandemic”

… and one searing question: “When will the media’s pact of silence end?”

Expresso this weekend presents an ‘exclusive’ suggesting seven answers to questions from people wondering what to expect from Covid-19 this winter.

The article boils down to:

  • Yes we are still in a state of pandemic
  • Covid-19 will remain with us, presenting new variants – particularly BF.7 and BA.2.75.2 – “which up till now (are the variants that) most elude protection conferred by the vaccines”
  • Cases will increase through the winter “as is habitual with any respiratory infection” (in other words the inference of a frightening ‘wave’ has calmed somewhat to ‘an habitual occurrence’)
  • Authorities will only see ‘the tip of the iceberg’ in terms of infections due to the fact that mandatory isolation and the need for testing have been dropped. 
  • Numbers this winter will therefore only reflect ‘most serious cases’ and deaths
  • Public health doctors sound the alert that enthusiasm for booster shots has tailed off markedly. For example, following the massive initial response to the vaccine roll-out, only the older generations have kept with the programme – and even these now have started eschewing what are 4th even 5th shots. Doctors are wary that boosters have not been popular with younger age groups (less than 50% have taken them up, while less than 44% of the under-12s are vaccinated). Says Expresso, this “increases the probability of having more symptoms and therefore infecting more vulnerable people” (see below: this kind of statement is not backed up by any kind of data. It is simply ‘the official narrative’).
  • Flu is expected to return in force – the worry of public health doctors being that anyone contracting flu and Covid-19 at the same time could become very ill.

But beyond these very general forecasts and remarks by specialists, there is no great feeling of ‘urgency’ in the article – certainly not yet, and this may have something to do with events that took place recently within the European Parliament.

This is where Portuguese independent online Página Um comes in, to point out that in spite of said events having taken place in ‘the public space’ (full of reporters from all over Europe), there has been almost zero coverage of them.

A video clip below says it all:

(Video since removed) Here is what remains on Youtube:

Dutch MEP Rob Roos managed to establish – from Pfizer director Janine Small – that at the time of entering the market (ie at the point where people were being dragooned in many cases into rolling up their sleeves for the ‘good of Mankind’) the vaccine had never been tested on stopping transmission. 

To give Janine Small credit, she admitted something that has huge repercussions, but she at least answered the question.

According to Rob Roos, similar questions to other vaccine producers have been left hanging.

But as Página Um explains, this one answer exposes the ‘hoax’ behind the dystopian Covid Digital Certificates that controlled millions of people around the world – not just in Europe – for months.

Says the online: “Assuming the vaccine would stop transmission among those vaccinated, the unthinkable Covid Digital Certificate was created which segregated the population that (for whatever reasons) opted not to become vaccinated”. 

People who did not have a Covid Digital Certificate – ironically devised during Portugal’s presidency of the Council of the European Union – “were unable to travel, to enter restaurants and shows, were looked upon with disdain and social censure, considered insensitive, irresponsible even criminal. People were threatened. Workers lost their jobs. Citizens were forced to take these new vaccines to continue to travel, work, study”… and now it has all been exposed as having been based on no data whatsoever, or as Pfizer’s director put it, on pharmaceutical companies “moving at the speed of science”.

This remark has since been the butt of various social media ‘memes’, including mock-ups showing the speed of sound (a supersonic plane), speed of light (bursts of light fragments in what looks like ‘the universe’) and speed of science (an image of money changing hands).

In a press conference last week, “six MEPs again demanded that more information is given on the vaccines against Covid-19 – a great deal of which is being kept secret. Página Um continues to be the only media organ in Portugal that has fought to discover this information which Infarmed continues to withhold since December last year, and which the Administrative Tribunal has been ‘deciding on’ since April”, says the online.

Página Um’s article begins with the question: “If anyone had told you that one day we would witness a wave of suppression of relevant information for the population by major media groups, we would have laughed our heads off. We would have said this would never happen, unless Portugal ceased to be a democracy; unless Europe, by some catastrophe, had turned into a kind of totalitarian ‘federation’. That’s what we would have done. But we would have been wrong, because that day has come”.

The fact that other countries have taken decisions not to boost younger populations; the fact that respected medical specialists who initially supported the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines, have started speaking out against them, citing  ‘evidence based medicine’; the fact that questions which have arisen over conflicts of interest between pharmaceutical companies and national medicine regulators have, to a large extent, been ignored.

Even last week SIC and other mainstream news outlets in Portugal ‘splashed’ worrying headlines about ‘a new wave of Covid’ coming; experts’ concerns that not enough people were coming forwards to get boosted… and the continued assertion that “vaccination decreases the chances of being infected”, which is patently not the case.

Says Página UM: “How long will it take for this barrage of national and global censorship to burst? The battle for journalism, facts and transparency will continue, and we all have a responsibility to ensure that there is only one outcome: victory of freedom and truth. Página Um doesn’t just want to see this happening, it wants to act so that it does happen”.

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