What the Algarve has to offer

With origins rooting in the Algarve and many years of trekking through idyllic hiking routes that the Algarve has to offer, Diogo Simões and Rento Marques have now decided to share their treasured findings and develop a trekking tours company, called ALTREKK.

The tours set up by Diogo and Renato aim to provide hikers with a natural and true experience of the Algarve’s terrain and local, uncommercialised communities.

A wide range of routes configured by the pair include tours in locations such as Monchique – Marmelete, Silves – Monchique, Messines – Vale Fuzeiros, Sesmarias – Galé, Rocha da Pena, Pelas Águas do Arade, Benagil – Albandeira, Monchique – Foia, plus many more.

The two believe that “the Algarve is not just about seafood and beaches, it has so much more to offer such as forests, nature, honey, medronho, flowers, flamingos, deers, rivers and beautiful streams.”

“We want people to imagine the hidden beaches, sand without footprints, the sounds and scents of the sea complemented by the Algarve’s soft tender climate.”

Their focus is on sharing their “alternative Algarve” experience with all who are interested in seeing the region from another perspective.

For more information about ALTREKK and their trekking tours, please contact Diogo on: 914 087 461 or Renato on: 964 334 044 or email on: [email protected] or visit: