What Portugal’s travel success means for property owners

What Portugal’s travel success means for property owners

As we approach the end of 2022, it’s always a great chance to look back and see the travel trends of the year gone by.

In the last few weeks, plenty of significant developments have shed a very positive light on the Algarve – and Portugal overall.

Seeing the country so highly favoured by tourists and travel experts means 2023 is looking very bright. As villa rental specialists, we are really getting excited on behalf of our owner partners. With so much positive press about tourism in Portugal, it’s essential that property owners maximise their rental efforts to accommodate the continued surge in popularity.

Portugal’s recent tourism success

The World Tourism Awards, considered to some as the Oscars of travel, have consistently voted Portugal as the best tourist destination in Europe. In the 2022 awards, they have once again bestowed this great title to Portugal. This marks the fifth consecutive year that Portugal has received this award.

This wasn’t the only award at the event. Amongst the incredible 30 awards recognitions, the Algarve was named Europe’s leading beach destination. It’s not just prestigious award bodies recognising the fantastic tourism offerings here. Condé Nast revealed their reader’s choice award list, where people voted for their favourite country to travel to.

It is absolutely incredible to see Portugal in the number 1 spot! It’s a testament to how hard the country works to welcome holidaymakers every year. With so much attention on the tourism aspect of Portugal, it’s an important time for property owners who are looking to maximise rental income.

What can property owners do to stand out?

In the quieter winter months, owners have a chance to plan ahead. In fact, SandyBlue often begins its 2023 strategy and campaigns as soon as the summer peak season is finished.

Firstly, it’s a great time to look back and reach out to guests from the year. If you already have a feedback process in place, you will already know that not every guest can find time to provide feedback and reviews. A simple and friendly reminder always works well. Not only can you identify areas of improvement, but positive reviews are important for marketing the property.

Property Management is key as you prepare for the rush of summer 2023 enquiries. Arranging maintenance to be done in off-peak seasons means you won’t have to rush or use time from spring and summer tourism. We always use this time to strategise with our owner partners and ensure everything is in order as we look to fill their rental calendar.

Celebrating Portugal’s success

Our main takeaway is simply how great it is to see so much love and respect for the tourism industry in Portugal. We know how hard local businesses work to provide a great experience and we can’t wait to do it all again in 2023!

By Joe Mountain
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