What our Facebook followers are saying

This week we asked followers of the Algarve Resident page on Facebook if they would be using the A22 after December 8, if they had already purchased the electronic tag and, if so, how they found the process. Here is what they had to say:

Peter Loon Loon Toone: Not me.

Carl Chaitanya Hawker: Not once it has to be paid for.

Samantha Burgess Parkinson: I refuse to use it!!!

Ben Veit: I purchased the transponder online, very easy, but only in Portuguese. Arrived two days later in the post. I will still use it. €0.07 per kilometre isn’t as bad as all that. You would probably save that on fuel. My time and safety are worth more that. I will be avoiding the N125!

Gitte Aahoj: Easy.

David Braybrook: I use Via Verde and went to the Post Office to claim my Positive Discrimination. I needed my registration document and proof of residency. It took about 15 mins and I was registered with Via Verde the same day.

Karen Waterman: will still use it as it is the best way from the airport to our villa in Carvoeiro. Will have to swallow the costs.

Christine Larkin: What happens if you are hiring a car, do you get the bill after?

Colin Kirby: Ditto on Christine’s question. I always hire a car when on holiday. On arrival at Faro, the motorway is the easiest route to Alvor.

Kevin Hunt: What about the residents in Spain who visit the Algarve regularly. This will put an end to us visiting and spending our money in Portugal.