What is CBD and what are the health benefits?

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CBD is the new ‘buzz’ word but what is it and what are the health benefits to you and your family? If you watch TV, read a magazine, are on your computer or even passing a coffee shop or salon, you would have seen these initials: CBD.

When I first found out that CBD came from cannabis, I was sceptical as I did not want to have anything to do with getting high; then I found out that cannabis has many varieties. Like citrus has orange, lemon and lime, cannabis has hemp and marijuana. The latter is harvested purely for its psychoactive intoxicating effect; hemp, on the other hand, has over 50,000 industrial applications and has been in the human diet for millennia. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system that craves CBD and other ‘cannabinoids’ for general wellbeing and balance.

In just a few years, the CBD market has boomed, so how do you choose wisely when buying a product? Like any new, rapidly expanding product line, many brands are out there.

Medical Marijuana Inc., one of the world’s leading scientific and research companies in this field, created the very first non-psychoactive hemp-based CBD products in 2012. The hemp plant is extremely good at absorbing toxins from the ground, so the quality of the soil is a major consideration when planting, it must be free of pesticides which otherwise can pass on to the final product, so they grow the plants in Poland and The Netherlands on generational hemp farms.

In a market that is still widely unregulated, Kannaway products are all subject to triple lab testing, which is vitally important. To enable people all around the world to have access to these exceptional sources of CBD, they formed Kannaway, the first direct selling company to offer CBD products globally..Kannaway maintains a focus on sustainable and healthy products, such as CBD oil, supplements, aroma therapeutic essential oils, hemp clothing, CBD-infused skin care, nutrition powders, CBD oil vaporisers and more.

Their sister company ECHO (which is a non-profit charitable arm) stands for Education, Collaboration and Hope, and is supporting special needs families who want to improve the lives of loved ones by using the beneficial properties of CBD.

Excitingly, one of our seven-figure annual earners, Valerie Aloisio from the USA, along with other top leaders from the UK, will visit the Algarve next week to open up distribution for Portugal.

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