What is a dog?

A dog is not just a dog. A dog is probably the most stable thing in many people’s lives these days.
He is your very best friend. He won’t judge you, he does not mind if you have no make-up on, or not done your hair, he does not care if you put weight on, or wear clothes that you feel comfortable in … whatever you decide to do in life!
A dog is your rock, whatever problems you have in your life. He will be there, to support you, to welcome you, to love you unconditionally, to give you a reason to carry on, to face the trials every day can bring.
He will never turn a deaf ear to your moans or whinges, he will listen to every word you say, and will listen to all your worries and problems. He will be there to pick up the pieces if you come home upset, he will never break a confidence or talk to others about anything you have confided in him.
A dog is your companion. No matter where you go, he will faithfully follow. He will patiently travel on trains, on boats and in cars, or even on an aircraft … no matter where life takes you, he will be there. He will be the one stable thing that has been there all the time, to give you the confidence to maybe try new beginnings.
He is your comfort blanket, he will curl up next to you on the sofa, to be there just in case you need that reassuring lick or nudge with his nose. He won’t leave you to sit alone at night, and once the night falls he will be there, to sleep at the side of your bed, to be there in case you wake in the early hours.
A dog is your protector. He will protect you and watch out for you, in case there is any strange noise or intruder. He will patrol the grounds to make sure all is in order and safe and, if there are any problems, he will protect you with every cell in his body.
He is your soul mate. He will love all your choices, whether you like weepy films, or funny films, whatever music you like, he too will like the same. If you like to sing at the top of your voice in the shower, he will never tell you that you’re tone deaf! If you choose to read the newspaper, he will wait faithfully by your feet until you have finished. He will adore your choice of foods, especially if there are some scraps of meat that find their way into his food bowl.
Many times we hear people say, ‘he is only a dog’! This is not true, dogs give many people a reason to carry on and live full and active lives. A dog is not just a dog, to many he is everything, the very reason they exist, the very reason they get up in the morning, and the very reason they get out and about. If you have an affinity with a four-legged furry family member, you will know that this furry family member is not just a dog! In fact if you take a look at the name DOG, turn it around and you get GOD!
The very next time you are feeling down, or upset, you know that you have the best friend in the world. The only thing your best friend ever needs is a warm safe place to sleep, food and good health to be able to protect you – YOU, his very special friend.
See the love in his eyes – unconditional uncomplicated love and adoration. That is all any of us could ever wish for in life.
Until next time,
Happy Cuddles!
By Sue Ogden
|| [email protected]
Sue Ogden is a professional dog groomer living in the Algarve. In her regular column, she provides readers with information on how best to care for their pets. Trained in the UK, she studied nursing, breeding, grooming, nutrition and kennel management. 910 851 140