What guests want from Summer 2022 in the Algarve

What guests want from Summer 2022 in the Algarve

What do guests really want from a holiday? It’s an age-old question within the travel industry – one where the answer is never the same!

Travel trends mean there is always something new to try, while different destinations offer tourists different things.

The SandyBlue team knows exactly what guests want and expect from a villa holiday when it comes to the Algarve. Sun, sea and sand are, of course, high on the priority list. However, tourists know they are going to get this. They want to know how the accommodation will make it an unforgettable stay. Furthermore, recommendations of what to do are invaluable to guests.

Why? To hear about all the hotspots in the area from people who live there, they will develop trust straight away. We want to share some tips with Algarve villa owners that will really help to show guests that your property is the place to be.

Showing personality and knowledge

Tourists visit new places to get a feel for a new culture and way of life. Therefore, they are likely to stay somewhere that shows a real personality that is true to the local area. Make them feel at home before they have even arrived.

Even better, showing knowledge through this personalised approach will really speak to guests. It’s not a standard list of things to do – you should tell guests what restaurants you personally recommend and what activities should not be missed. At SandyBlue, we ensure our content and listings demonstrate all of this to our guests.

Relaxation and ease

Everyone gets some travel anxiety as a holiday approaches. From making sure everything is in place to remembering a passport, guests will want to feel at ease from the minute they book their trip.

Following so much travel uncertainty, this anxiety is heightened. Having a guest-experience service in place will allow you to communicate to every guest enquiry. Even better, having someone manage this process for your property not only takes the worry away from guests but you as an owner too. This further establishes the aforementioned trust, and this will likely lead to positive reviews for your property.

An experience to remember

In 2022, the biggest wish from guests is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Identify what guests are looking for, so they find the villa that matches their needs exactly. For example, golfers will want to be within swinging distance to the top golf courses in the Algarve. Those looking for nightlife will want to be close to the hotspots, while in-villa experiences will tick all of the right boxes.

Meeting guest expectations in 2022

Summer has officially arrived in the Algarve. Expectations for an unforgettable holiday are high. At SandyBlue, we will be busy helping our owner partners exceed those expectations!

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