What feeling should I have at address?

I had a great discussion with my group last week about the feeling at address.

I explained that we need a solid base with relaxed hands and arms.

A concrete base like the foundation of a house and spaghetti arms “soft and long”.

It is essential to have a solid base and let your torso coil up on the backswing. Your long, soft arms will help deliver all of the power you have generated with your body.

I see many players who have a very tight grip with stiff tense arms. They tend to compensate by having soft wobbly legs, even bending their knees a few times to try to relax. This leads to a poor coil and inefficient club delivery.
So we need a rock solid set up, weight evenly distributed over the balls of your feet, a good solid posture that even the strongest of winds could not disturb.

Your arms should hang relaxed from your shoulders with no extra pressure applied to the grip.

See if you can feel the difference between a solid base and spaghetti arms.

I always recommend having a few practice swings in slow motion to get the feeling before trying to hit balls.

By Graham Stewart

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