What are guests looking for in early 2023 getaways?

What are guests looking for in early 2023 getaways?

When it comes to the Algarve, it is safe to say that the peak summer season has always been the most popular time for guests.

With the weather at its hottest and plenty of buzz, tourists love the Algarve at this time of year.

However, there is more interest than ever before in securing a getaway earlier in the year. Our team are already seeing plenty of enquiries for late winter and early spring holidays. It means property owners need to think outside the box and encourage guests all year round. While a warmer climate is an obvious draw for guests, there is so much more to it. So, what is it guests are looking for when they book a pre-summer getaway?

Romantic getaways

Of course, we couldn’t talk about early getaways without mentioning Valentine’s Day. It has become a much bigger calendar event in recent years, with Algarve apartments benefitting from the rise in couples choosing the region for a romantic holiday.

Furthermore, people on honeymoon or celebrating a wedding anniversary at this time of year are also choosing the Algarve as their destination. With bookings like this, it’s important to understand that it is a truly special occasion and small gestures will make a big impact.

At SandyBlue, we utilise welcome baskets that can be adapted for bookings like this. It is also important to recommend the local activities that suit their holiday – restaurants with a great romantic setting or local boat tours to help them celebrate.

Easter fun in the sun

Easter getaways are also on the rise. As a devout and religious country, Easter is a true celebration in Portugal. Guests recognise this and know they will be in for a fabulous time.

While we always encourage guests to explore the local culture, we also help them plan ahead of time due to religious observances. With many shops and restaurants closed to celebrate Easter, simply helping the guests arrange a shopping delivery before their arrival makes a huge difference.

We also create useful guides for celebrations like this, so guests are able to plan their trip meticulously. When local restaurants do reopen, they will likely be busy as people continue their Easter celebrations. Providing a list of the best restaurants allows guests to book their spots in advance.

Making 2023 a success

The SandyBlue team are busy identifying all of the latest trends, especially when it comes to big calendar events and holidays. It allows us to adapt our marketing messages to attract guests and ensure the Algarve is top of their lists of places to visit!

By Joe Mountain
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