Wet, windy and wild – another ‘red alert’ weekend in store

It’s going to be another ‘red alert’ weekend of wild weather, and the further north you go, the worse it will get.
From Lisbon to Porto, seven Portuguese districts will be on red alert tomorrow (Saturday) with waves expected anywhere between 7-8 metres high, accompanied by strong winds and rain.
Orange alerts will be in place for Faro, Setúbal and Braga, while Guarda and Castelo Branco are still struggling with snow and ice.
And the forecast for Sunday is even worse, with 100kph gusts of wind and waves that could top 10 metres in certain areas.
The Institute of Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) said the depression will carry through to Monday when conditions will ease up as the day progresses.
Photo: ‘Nazaré Cannon’
Video: ‘Hercules Storm’ in Sagres Algarve from earlier in January