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West coast beach clean-up

A GROUP of friends from the Algarve Surf School Association are environmentally conscious people, who do more than just think about how we are destroying our planet. They got together to clean-up Ponta Ruiva, on the Costa Vincentina, before the summer comes, hoping to raise awareness about the importance of keeping that protected natural park litter-free.

The association was created to limit the amount of schools using this protected corner of the Algarve, therefore, ensuring a safer environment for the sport and beach users. Each school has trained instructors, most of them also qualified lifeguards and always available for questions or help. When booking lessons or tours always ask for credentials.

• For any information about the Algarve Surf School Association, call Dago Lipke on 966 350 104 or Xana Afonso on 919 262 773.