We’re with you!

Dear Editor,

I would like to say that I have known Touchelle for a short while since last summer.

I admire her strength coping with a full time job, a small child, running a home, setting up the fundraising site and training for the half marathon, bearing in mind that she admits she is probably one of the unfittest people in the Algarve.

Touchelle has been helping us find a property in the Algarve and every day we meet up she would be happy and have such passion for her job.

Only just recently did we have a chat over a coffee and she told me all about Rob. My heart goes out to the family. I wish you lots of luck with the run, Touchelle. I will be thinking of you on March 22 and praying that everyone will make donations to the site to help Rob make his dream come true. Love to you all.

Jan and Peter Francis, by email