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Welsh rally driver visits Faro boys’ home

By: Caroline Cunha

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ON THE eve of the Rally de Portugal, which took place in the Algarve last weekend, Welsh driver Simon Hughes, who was taking part in the Fiesta Sporting Trophy international (FSTi) event, paid a visit to the Casa dos Rapazes boys’ home in Faro.

Anticipation among the young boys at Casa dos Rapazes reached a crescendo when the sound of a roaring engine could be heard out on the home’s driveway. The Welsh rally driver was driving his two litre Ford Fiesta ST GpN car through the gates to pay the boys a special visit.

Simon opened the bonnet of his car for the boys to take a peek at the engine, signed autographs and had his picture taken with the boys one by one sitting in the car.

Simon Hughes delivered a solid performance to take an excellent second last weekend, with Briton Barry Clark taking the top spot. Hughes is in fourth in the overall championship standings.

Emotional stability

Casa dos Rapazes, officially known as Instituto D. Francisco Gomes, was first established in Faro in 1944 and today cares for over 60 boys aged between six and 18. The children are brought to the home at the request of Social Services or the Minors’ Court, with the aim of providing them with a healthy environment to recover and with the emotional stability needed for their future reintegration into family life and society.

Future projects include the construction of a crèche in Gambelas and a primary school. Various fundraising initiatives take place throughout the year.

For more information about Casa dos Rapazes, call 289 880 710 or email [email protected]

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