Welsh father-of-four in coma after stabbing in Albufeira

A Welsh father-of-four is in a coma after being stabbed while out for a stag party in the Algarve tourist hotspot of Albufeira.

Reports ITV News, 35-year-old Joel Collins was allegedly stabbed without provocation while walking home on July 4 after getting separated from his friends. It adds that he is the second Welsh victim of a stabbing in Albufeira in 2022.

The man was found by a member of the public “unconscious on the street with four deep wounds in his abdomen,” the news website adds. Doctors later found that he had suffered lacerations to his pancreas, lungs, intestines and stomach.

Joel Collins remains in intensive care after five separate operations and is due to have another operation today (Monday, July 25), according to ITV News.

Says his sister Heidi Collins, Joel had limited memory of what had happened to him three weeks ago, but nurses said it looked like he had been mugged, as he arrived at the hospital without his phone or any ID.

His last memory was of getting separated from his group and getting his phone out to use Google maps to find a route back to his hotel.

“We’re just taking it day by day now,” Heidi said. “Doctors have told mum and dad he was handed in to the hospital by ambulance.”

Joel’s family say they are still unsure whether the incident has been reported to the Portuguese police or not. They said someone from the police spoke to him when he arrived at hospital, but they’d been asked later by nurses whether Joel had reported it.

“People need to be extra vigilant when they are in the resort,” said Heidi. “It seems like the police aren’t doing anything about it. These crimes are going on and nobody is aware of it.”

By Michael Bruxo