Welcome with a smile

news: Welcome with a smile

CAISL (Carlucci American International School of Lisbon) recently held its welcome barbecue for the pupils and parents of the school. On a gloriously sunny afternoon, laughter was abundant as students, parents and teachers all helped to welcome new and existing pupils to the school.

The students made excellent work of washing their parents’ and teachers’ cars, while there was face-painting and balloon tying and twisting galore. Tile painting soon got under way to be made into a wall in front of the school.

For the fitter of the pupils, the varsity boys took on the teachers at basketball –and what a hard-fought match it turned out to be, with the teachers just winning, 57-56! Next, it was the varsity girls of CAISL playing the female teachers at football. This also turned into a challenging game with a score of 5-4 to the pupils. They certainly deserved a standing ovation, playing in the heat, while spectators made moves for the shade, with a cold drink.

While all this was going on, the BBQ team of Parent Teacher Organisation volunteers had been busy grilling a huge quantity of food on the barbecue, which was eaten almost as quickly as it was cooked by hungry children, helped by equally hungry parents. The day ended with the third annual cake auction, with decorated cakes designed and donated by CAISL parents and students. Bob Hughes