Welcome to your newspaper!

news: Welcome to your newspaper!

WELCOME to the first edition of The Resident Greater Lisbon Edition – your new local English language newspaper, packed with all the latest news in your area, up-to-the-minute local listings and feature articles that are relevant to your life.

Although we’re new to Lisbon, The Resident Algarve Edition has been the Algarve’s best selling weekly foreign language newspaper for the past 15 years. The Resident’s Managing Director, Sheena Rawcliffe, is excited by the new addition to the portfolio: “We have felt, for a long time, that the Lisbon market was not being addressed effectively. Our success in the Algarve has been due to our total focus on our core market and we intend this to be the same with our Greater Lisbon edition. With our proven track record in professionalism and excellence, the whole Resident team is looking forward to offering these qualities to the reader, and the advertiser, in the greater Lisbon area.”

Editorial integrity is paramount

Sarah Howe, the Editor of both the Algarve and Lisbon editions, has given her team a clear brief: “We want to make sure that this newspaper becomes a ‘must read’ in Lisbon. We want readers to get involved, write letters and call us with stories. At the end of the day, it’s their newspaper.”

As has been the case with The Resident Algarve Edition for the past 15 years, editorial independence is of paramount importance. “We draw a very clear line between our editorial and advertising sales departments and have an editorial policy in place which enshrines these values,” Sarah explains.

Raise your profile

The new edition will feature our proven mix of advertising opportunities – the classified market place, business directory and display advertising. If you or your company would like to advertise to the English-reading community in the greater Lisbon area, call Bob Hughes on 916 783 247 for our introductory rates.

The Resident Greater Lisbon edition is a wonderful opportunity for you to raise your profile. Bob, our Lisbon General Manager, is already well known for his work with AFPOP, and, more recently, for producing the emailed Expat News.

He is delighted to be working with The Resident team: “Living in Lisbon as I do, and having seen how popular the Expat News became, I know how important an English language newspaper is to the community here and am delighted to be involved. The union between the Expat News and The Resident is an exciting, much needed, step forward which, I’m sure, will enhance the lives of the international community across the greater Lisbon area.”

Editorial Policy

The Resident Greater Lisbon Edition is a weekly newspaper published every Friday of the year, except on the Friday between Christmas and New Year, by Fleet Street Publicidade e Publicações, Unipessoal, Lda. The decision-making process with regards to the content in the newspaper lies ultimately with the duly appointed Editor.

Mission statement

• To inform and entertain its readers in a clear, honest and meaningful way.

• To be a forum for the voices of its readers to be heard.

Content policy

• The Resident Greater Lisbon Edition is a local newspaper, designed to equip its readers with all the news, views and information they need to get the most out of life in Portugal.


• We professionally and accurately report all relevant regional, national and international news.

• We will not publish anything that is libellous, obscene to minors, advocates illegal activities, is copyrighted, or may cause substantial offence.

• News stories are not made available for pre-publication approval by those featured in them, unless there are exceptional circumstances and then only with the Editor’s approval.

Event coverage

• Priority is given to upcoming events, so that readers can plan to attend them.

• Reports of events that have already taken place will be published as soon as possible after the event, space permitting.

• The results of fundraising and charity events will always be published in full where possible, but when space is limited we reserve the right to edit the list of people and sponsors involved.

Opinion policy

• The opinions expressed in The Resident Greater Lisbon Edition newspaper do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the newspaper, its owners or its staff.

• Freedom of speech is protected and providing it is legal and honest, we take the view that people have the right to voice their opinion, even when it isn’t the popular viewpoint.

•All feature articles are by-lined to allow readers to reply to the opinions published.


• We aim to ensure that any images used are in no way altered or misrepresentative.

Letters policy

• The comments and opinions of our readers are welcome.

• Letters may be no more than 300 words in length and, where possible, should be submitted in electronic format.

• All letters must be signed by the author and include the author’s phone number.

• The name of the author will only be withheld for compelling reasons, at the Editor’s discretion.

• The Resident Greater Lisbon Edition reserves the right to edit letters for space, clarity, style and taste.

• The printing or omission of letters is entirely at the discretion of the Editor. The author of any letter that is not considered to be suitable for publication will be contacted to inform them accordingly.