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Welcome to the eastern Algarve

A specialist website advertising holiday rental properties in the eastern Algarve, www.eastoffaro.com, was launched four years ago.

“If you say Algarve to people in the UK, they think Albufeira and small, cove beaches with cliffs. But that isn’t the eastern Algarve, which is less commercialised than the centre and has long beaches with dunes. We wanted to make a site which showed people the eastern Algarve and everything it had to offer,” said founder Neill Soley.

While eastoffaro has traditionally marketed a hand-picked selection of villas, they are now opening up the site to all owners of holiday rental properties in the area.

“We are cutting out the middleman, which was us, so that house owners get more money and we get to concentrate on developing the site,” said Gavin Middleton, the site’s manager.

Worth it

eastoffaro is also offering professional photographic services, floor plans, pool plans, maps and driving directions and will even make up a web page for clients. 

“The internet is an incredibly visual medium, yet you look at many online adverts and the photos are awful. We may spend a day photographing your house, but the results are worth it,” said Neill.

“And people love our maps. Who wants to start a holiday getting lost?”

Gavin added: “We’re still the only site to showcase the eastern Algarve, but we want to make it the online home for everyone who loves the area.”

For further information, please go to www.eastoffaro.com (available in English).