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Welcome to the Algarve Resident’s 2009 Easter

In this supplement, the second in a two part special with the Easter theme, you will find some fantastic spring products from our advertisers as well as fun packed features for all the family to enjoy.

Turn to page 6 to see a selection of the best Easter bunnies that we received for our competition this year. Also, see page 4 for our comprehensive Easter What’s On guide for the region. Easter reminds us of spring and the great outdoors. So this year we decided to incorporate our popular Pools & Gardens supplement into the Easter Special to bring you a bumper guide of the best the season has to offer. But before you delve into the informative pages of this guide, find out what the Algarve Resident team plans to do on Easter Sunday!

“Easter is always a family occasion. This year nine of us will be holidaying together in the Algarve, enjoying some quality time, some golf and the occasional alcoholic drink. Oh, yes – and lots and lots of Cadbury Mini-Eggs.”

Mike Almond, Publishing Director

“It’s just another day, depends how I feel as to what I do.”

Stephen Eggleton, Accounts

“Easter Sunday is like any other Sunday as I’m not a religious person. I plan to spend some quality time with my partner and two-year-old son. We will probably take a relaxing stroll along the beach, where my son can run freely.”

Inês Lopes, Editor

“We will be spending Easter Sunday having lunch at my brother and sister in law’s house. We will eat more food than our stomachs can handle and then drop in front of the TV watching a film while eating the chocolates the kids couldn’t finish (or that we won’t let them finish).”

Vânia Rawcliffe, Administration and classifieds (and Mark Rawcliffe, Operations Director)

“I will spend my Easter Sunday clearing up chocolate stains left by my daughter as she embarks on a chocolate fuelled frenzy around my home.  Who says sugar affects toddlers?”

Daisy Sampson, reporter

“Easter Sunday will be spent with my two eight-year-olds, extolling the virtues of healthy eating to one as the other scoffs eggs by the dozen behind my back. Fun, laughter and more than a little cheekiness! The perfect Easter Sunday.”

Ray Brice, sales representative

“For the past eight years since moving to the Algarve and the good chance of warm sunshine, Easter has meant sitting in the sun and enjoying lots of Cadbury’s Button eggs! Can’t wait!”  

Gill Bradley, proof reader

“My perfect Easter Sunday is spent with my family. I will probably be roped into entertaining my little sister with an outdoor egg hunt before being called to the table to feast! The rest of the afternoon is spent seeing how much chocolate can be consumed before sickness sets in.”

Eloise Walton, reporter

“Easter for me is not a religious occasion, but I love eating chocolate eggs! I will be spending my Sunday curled up on the sofa watching girly chick flicks and drinking a few glasses of white wine!”

Suzy Turner, features editor

“Easter for me is getting up very early in the morning and hiding all the Easter eggs around our house so when our son gets up he has a fabulous time trying to find them all. This tradition was passed to me by my parents who instead used to hide the chocolate eggs in the garden and even up trees!”

Donna Encarnação, Administrative supervisor

“I will probably spend my Easter having a long lazy lunch in the sunshine with friends and a couple of jugs of sangria!”

Kate Fitzsimmons, Sales administrator

“I’m not a religious person so Easter is not important for me. Eating chocolate eggs and stuff like that gives you bad teeth and it is not good for your cholesterol.”

Paulo Silvestre, Production