Welcome to a new school year

news: Welcome to a new school year

By Bob Hughes

What many have described as the best organised and attended Welcome Barbecue, took place at St Dominic’s International School last Saturday.

The weather was absolutely perfect for this welcome to the new school year, which was attended by parents and teachers alike. The PTA (Parent Teachers Association) had obviously worked very hard under the direction of Marijke Rodrigo and Colleen Fisher (along with many enthusiastic helpers) to put on this mouth-watering barbecue. The quality of the food served this year was excellent.

With a wide variety of other stalls, this was a day with something for everyone to enjoy. The PTA cake and drinks stall was well visited, as was the IWP (International Women in Portugal) stall. The Solar Oven, that works using the sun’s heat as its energy source, attracted a lot of interest.

The Fun Corner was very popular, especially the face painting stall, which must have left some parents wonderingwhether it was indeed their children that they were taking home. As always, the bouncy castle attracted a large crowd, competing to see who could bounce the highest. Many visitors stayed late into the afternoon enjoying this year’s successful event.