Weekend weather

Clear skies are expected across the Algarve this weekend with high temperatures and moderate winds in the east.

Temperatures are expected to be high, with the warmest day of the weekend predicted to be Sunday in the east and Saturday for the west.

Daytime temperatures in the west, around Sagres, will reach highs of 21°C on Saturday but are to drop slightly to 20°C on Sunday.

However, the evenings will feel cool, with temperatures falling to 17°C on Saturday and 16°C Sunday.  

Towards the east, in Faro, temperatures will be warmer than in the west with highs 24°C on Saturday and 25°C on Sunday.

In the evenings temperatures are set to drop to 17°C on Saturday evening and 16°C on Sunday evening.

Wind direction will be north westerly on Saturday in the east towards Faro and moderate in speed.

On Sunday the wind direction is expected to change to a northerly wind but will remain moderate.  

Meanwhile, in the west, the wind will be from the northwest on Saturday but will be strong making it seem cooler than it is.

On Sunday the wind will change to be northerly but are set to remain strong in speed.

Ocean temperatures are predicted to remain at 18°C on both Saturday and Sunday in the west towards Sagres and will feel slightly warmer in the east at 19°C all weekend.

In the west towards Sagres waves will reach heights of 1.5 metres on Saturday and on Sunday the sea will become choppier with waves up to 2.5 metres in height.

Towards Faro the sea is expected to be very calm with waves reaching a maximum height of 1 metre on both Saturday and Sunday.

The high temperatures of the weekend will see the region registering an Ultra Violet rating of UV 10 across the Algarve on Saturday, considered to be an extremely high level on the scale but are to drop to a still high level of UV 8 on Sunday.

The highest levels will be between midday and 3pm each day. Children are advised to keep out of the sun completely during these times while adults are advised to use high factor sun protection.

Looking to the coming week, temperatures are expected to remain high with the highest temperatures predicted for Friday peaking at 28°C.

Night temperatures will increase as the week develops with lows of 16°C on Monday but increasing to 22°C by Friday.

Skies are expected to remain clear with a little cloud expected on Tuesday and Wednesday.  There will be a 27 per cent chance of rain on Wednesday, however the rest of the week will have little to no chance of rain.

Winds are predicted to remain moderate and will be north easterly in the first half of the week before changing to a northerly wind for the last part of the week before the weekend.