Weekend weather: “Yellow alert” as bad weather arrives in Portugal

All of mainland Portugal will be under a yellow alert on Saturday (October 17) due to forecasts over “heavy rain, thunder and strong winds that could reach 80 to 100kms per hour”.

The Algarve is also set for “strong waves” that could reach heights of two and three metres.

The bad weather will continue on Sunday, with the whole country due for grey skies and wind, according to Portuguese sea and atmosphere institute IPMA.

Temperatures will be no higher than 21ºC in Faro, 23ºC in Lisbon and 24ºC in Porto, and no lower than 17ºC, 16ºC and 13ºC.

Yellow alert is the third most serious of IPMA’s ‘danger scale’ – activated in “risky situations depending on the current meteorological situation”.

The warning advises special caution, especially when driving.

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