Weekend weather: We’re fine in the south, but not so elsewhere…

The Algarve is set to enjoy warm, sunny weather this weekend while northern areas are headed for two straight days of rain, according to the latest forecasts from the Portuguese Sea and Atmosphere Institute (IPMA).

Meteorologists predict the Algarve will wake up on both Saturday and Sunday to mostly cloud-free skies and warm temperatures which could reach the summer-like 20ºC mark.

In the north, however, although it won’t be too cold, bouts of rain are expected with temperatures ranging between 2ºC-14ºC in inland areas and 6ºC-17ºC on the coast.

The centre is due for a bit of everything. Towns closer to the coast can expect rain and temperatures ranging between 7ºC and 17ºC while districts like Castelo Branco and Portalegre, and areas like the Alentejo, may also get some sun and warm temperatures (19ºC), especially on Sunday.