Weekend weather: Warm temperatures build up for Easter

The Algarve is set to enjoy some beach weather this weekend, in what is expected to be something of a prelude of the weather for next Easter weekend.

Starting today (March 27), temperatures are expected to rise between four and six degrees in the south of Portugal, reaching an average of 20ºC in most areas of the north and centre and 22ºC/23ºC in the south.

Cristina Simões from the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) told Lusa news agency, however, that rain is still expected in the coastal areas of the north and centre.

Over the weekend, maximum temperatures are expected to reach a beach-inviting 26ºC in Faro, Beja and Évora, 27ºC in Castelo Branco, 23ºC in Bragança and 22ºC in Sagres and Lisbon.

Once again, it will be the coastal area of the north and centre that will face the lowest temperatures, ranging between 15ºC and 19ºC.

And although it is still “too early to make certain forecasts”, IPMA meteorologist Madalena Rodrigues says that Easter is likely to be sunny, rain-free and with temperatures near the 30ºC mark.