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Weekend weather: Temperatures soar to scorching 40º

Portugal is in for some very hot weather this weekend, with temperatures set to go as high as 40ºC in the Alentejo.

Talking to Lusa, meteorologist Bruno Café said “maximum temperatures will increase 2ºC to 4ºC on Saturday and 8ºC to 10ºC on Sunday”.

This translates into maximums of 40ºC in the Alentejo, 30ºC in the Algarve, 37ºC in Lisbon and 30ºC in Porto.

Skies will be generally clear, though central regions are expecting light rainfall on Sunday despite the heat.

Beach water temperatures will also be very enjoyable (21ºC) in the Algarve, though beach-goers should take adequate sun protection as nearly all of Portugal is at risk of high UV levels.

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