Weekend weather: Sunny days, freezing nights

Weekend weather: Sunny days, freezing nights

Minimum temperatures will be dipping ‘below zero’ in some parts of Portugal this weekend as the country braces for a serious bout of cold, especially at night.

During the day it will be sunny for the most part in mainland Portugal, with maximum temperatures ranging between 13ºC and 16ºC in most parts of the country, except for some northern inland regions.

However, according to Portugal’s sea and atmosphere institute (IPMA), minimum temperatures will be dropping to -2ºC in Bragança, -1ºC in Vila Real and Castelo Branco and 0ºC in Viseu.

Further south, the Alentejo is expecting minimums to drop to around 0ºC, while forecasts in Lisbon and Porto are for minimums to fall to 5ºC and 2ºC respectively.

The Algarve will be dodging the worst of the chilly weather, but this doesn’t mean you should be going out in your T-shirt. It will be very cold as temperatures could drop to around 6ºC and 7ºC, so make sure you are dressing appropriately to stay warm.

Visit www.ipma.pt for more weather forecasts.

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