Weekend weather: Sun shines into December

Portugal’s exceptional autumn weather is on a roll, with forecasts pointing to more sun and balmy daytime temperatures for the weekend.

“Saturday (December 5) will be a very good day, with few or no clouds in the sky,” meteorologist Manuel Mendes has told Lusa news agency.

Sunday will start off cloudy, mostly in coastal areas, but blue skies will be back by the afternoon.

Temperatures should reach 19ºC in the Algarve, while in the rest of Portugal is set to vary between maximums of 15ºC and 21ºC.

Minimums will be somewhere between 8ºC and 12ºC, except for Bragança where they could drop to a parky 1ºC.

If forecasts are right, the weather will be taking a nosedive next week, so make the most of it this weekend.

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