Weekend weather: summer’s here (about time too)!

Is summer here to stay? Well, it seems this weekend may well mark the beginning of summer as we, in Portugal, know it! Temperatures will be summer-like, ranging between 29ºC and 37ºC across mainland Portugal, skies will be blue and recommendations are to apply plenty of sun lotion if hitting the beach and keep out of the sun in the hottest part of the day.
After weeks of fairly cool weather, particularly at night-time, and some rain, Portugal can expect to leap into ‘real’ summer this weekend, starting today (Friday) with temperatures soaring. On Sunday, temperatures should drop but just slightly, and not enough to dampen the mood of beachgoers!
According to the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA), the Algarve region should see temperatures hovering at around 29ºC.
The highest temperatures are expected in Évora and Beja (37ºC), followed by Lisbon (34ºC) and Castelo Branco (33ºC), while thermometers in Porto should reach around 29ºC as in the Faro district.
UV levels are expected to be “very high” this weekend, according to the IPMA, so don’t forget: sun lotion, sun glasses and a hat are in order if out in the sun.
Milder temperatures and UV levels can be expected in Madeira and the Azores islands, with temperatures up to 25º C and partially-clouded skies.