Weekend weather: Summer refuses to say goodbye as scorching weather continues

Autumn may be here but the weather apparently didn’t get the memo.

Another weekend of scorching weather is forecast, with temperatures set to reach nearly 30ºC in the Algarve, 33ºC in Lisbon, 35ºC in some parts of the Alentejo and 31ºC in Porto.

To make a trip to the beach an even more inviting prospect, skies will be completely clear and there will be virtually no wind.

However, beachgoers should take some precautions as the bathing season has already come to an end in many parts of the country.

Portugal’s maritime authority (ANM) has launched a warning directed especially at beachgoers (click here), saying that they shouldn’t risk swimming in rough seas.

It also suggests waiting three hours before going swimming after eating a meal, never turning your back to the sea while walking along the shore as a wave can sweep beachgoers to dangerous situations, and keeping an especially close eye on children.

And as the water temperatures have already started dropping, caution is advised when entering the water as “thermal shocks” are now more likely.

Visit, Portugal’s sea and atmosphere institute website, for more weather forecasts.

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