Weekend weather: Rain continues

May’s wet weather is set to continue this weekend – only improving on Sunday.

According to forecasts, downpours will be more frequent in the centre and north though the Algarve is also under threat.

Just yesterday local meteorologist Bruno Gonçalves from Meteofontes website filmed a video of a funnel cloud forming over Lagoa, which he says could have transformed into a tornado had it touched the ground (see video here).

Despite the gloom, temperatures will be mild with Faro and Lisbon expecting maximums of 23ºC and Porto 22ºC.

Minimums will range between 13ºC and 14ºC except for the Alentejo and north-eastern regions where they could fall even lower.

For updated weather forecasts, visit www.ipma.pt

The good news however is that summer temperatures of as much as 30ºC are expected on Monday.


Photo: Bruno Gonçalves/ExtremAstmosfera